Solenopsis started as just a simple ant migration tool to help deploy to Salesforce. Since it's inception, it has grown to include other salesforce related tools. The current version of Solenopsis can be used via it's Python wrapper to do full unattended deploys to both sandboxes and production environments.


The developers of Solenopsis can be found on Freenode in #salesforce

Problems with the tool can be filed in the issues section of github

Questions can also be emailed to solenopsis@deadlypenguin.com


Continuous Integration & Deployment on the Force.com Platform

Given at Dreamforce in 2012 the presentation discusses how Red Hat does Continuous Integeration & Deployment. This includes sandbox structure and Solenopsis with Jenkins.

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Salesforce & Loggly

Given at the Feburary 2012 Raleigh Developer Group Meetup, the presentation discusses the uses of Sloggly.

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