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Solenopsis is a command-line deployment tool for salesforce.

Solenopsis is a tool born out of necessity. With no good command-line tool to deploy Salesforce code with it was written to meet a need. Solenopsis is a combination of some ANT scripts to do deployment and Python scripts to do easily manage flags and other neat things like templates.

Right now, all testing and development has been focused on Linux. But patches are welcome to make it truely multi-platform.


  • Python
  • Ant
  • Python Beatbox (optional)




Solenopsis (

The developers also hang around on #salesforce and #solenopsis on IRC (freenode)


Get started by reading about Solenopsis

Install it with instructions


The project can be downloaded in either zip or tar formats.

The project can also be clonened with Git by running:

$ git clone git://

get the source code on GitHub : solenopsis/Solenopsis